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Telephones in Ukraine

 Mobil, or cell telephones, in Kiev Ukraine have changed dramatically in the last few years. Mobile telephones are a must have here because of their great convenience, low cost and the unavailability of land lines!

Mobile phones are also quite the status symbol and most people have very expensive phones. Also, and interesting statistic is that there are more mobile telephones in the Ukraine than there are people. 


The two main mobile telephone company here are UMC andtelephones in kiev mobile telephones in kiev communication in kiev internet in kiev  Kyivstar. These two telephone companies both work the same way and cost about the same. You purchase a chip and insert it in your telephone or you can buy a new telephone from them. UMC site is and Kyivstar at

In October 2003 all mobile telephone incoming calls became free. This is very important because your Ukrainian friends probably can not afford to make a call but will be very happy to receive a call from you.

This is also a great reason to get a cell phone when you are in Kiev. You can e-mail your mobile telephone number to your friend back home and when they call you there is no charge to you!

Outgoing tariffs are around $0.50 per minute but can be as little as $0.20 if you call the same phone company as you use.

I use the Life brand and if you have this company you can call our office for no charge to you and us! Also with life if you enter the code 811 before dialing internationally the charge for North America is $0.50 and $0.60 for Europe.

If you would like we can rent you a cell phone including a chip (number) for $45.00.Life mobile phone Kiev Ukraine mobile telephone cell phone kiev ukraine


telephones in kiev mobile telephones in kiev communication in kiev internet in kiev


If you are here and would like to to call back home I highly suggest using an telephone calling card. It is really pretty simple. Just purchase the card at any of the street vendors. They are located all over the city and there are many at the central square Independence square.


Just like at home you call a number listed on the back of the card, enter your card number and dial away. The international code for the US and Canada is 1. Telephones here are pulse and not tone so you will need to press the # key before entering the card code.


Below is typical of what you will see in Kiev every 100 yards. This man is selling mobile phone chips, mobile phone credit, long distance calling cards and dial up Internet account cards.


Busy time at a pay phone in the center of Kiev!

telephones in kiev mobile telephones in kiev communication in kiev internet in kiev



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Selected Ukrainian Cities

City Name City Name (in Ukrainian) Region   Population (2001 Census)
More than 1 000 000
Kiev (Kyiv) Ukraine Київ Kiev   2,611,327
Kharkov (Kharkiv) Харків Kharkiv Oblast   1,470,902
Dnipropetrovsk Дніпропетровськ Dnipropetrovsk Oblast   1,065,008
Odessa Одеса Odessa Oblast   1,029,049
Donetsk Донецьк Donetsk Oblast   1,016,194
500 000  1 000 000
Zaporozhia (Zaporizhia) Запоріжжя Zaporizhia Oblast   815,256
Lviv (Lvov) Львів Lviv Oblast   732,818
Krivoy Rog (Kryvyi Rih) Кривий Ріг Dnipropetrovsk Oblast   668,980
Nikolayev (Mykolaiv) Миколаїв Mykolaiv Oblast   514,136
250 000  500 000
Mariupol Маріуполь Donetsk Oblast   492,176
Lugansk Луганськ Lugansk Oblast   463,097
Vinnitsa Вінниця Vinnytsia Oblast   356,665
Simferopol Сімферополь Crimea   343,644
Sevastopol Севастополь Sevastopol   342,451
Kherson Херсон Kherson Oblast   328,360
Poltava Полтава Poltava Oblast   317,998
Chernihiv Чернігів Chernihiv Oblast   304,994
Cherkasy Черкаси Cherkasy Oblast   295,414
Sumy Суми Sumy Oblast   293,141
Zhytomyr Житомир Zhytomyr Oblast   284,236
Kirovohrad Кіровоград Kirovohrad Oblast   254,103
Khmelnytskyi Хмельницький Khmelnytskyi Oblast   253,994
100 000  250 000
Rivne Рівне Rivne Oblast   248,813
Chernivtsi Чернівці Chernivtsi Oblast   240,621
Kremenchuk Кременчук Poltava Oblast   234,073
Ternopil Тернопіль Ternopil Oblast   227,755
Ivano-Frankivsk Івано-Франківськ Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast   218,359
Lutsk Луцьк Volyn Oblast   208,816
Bila Tserkva Біла Церква Kiev Oblast   200,131
Melitopol Мелітополь Zaporizhia Oblast   160,657
Kerch Керч Crimea   157,007
Nikopol Нікополь Dnipropetrovsk Oblast   136,280
Berdiansk Бердянськ Zaporizhia Oblast   121,692
Uzhhorod Ужгород Zakarpattia Oblast   117,317
Eupatoria Євпаторія Crimea   105,915
50 000  100 000
Kamianets-Podilskyi Кам'янець-Подільський Khmelnytskyi Oblast   99,610





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